Intuitive readings experiment

Graduating from the Barbara Brennan Energy Healing School in 2010, I learned to perform distant energy healing but did not fully believe it to be possible.

I decided to prove that a distant energetic connection with another human being is possible.  I asked to be given ten names of total strangers and went on to do a series of drawings, hopefully representing them, without ever seeing or connecting with them in any ways, prior to .

The result of that first experiment was striking, eight out of ten clients deeply related to the Images made for them.


I was totally exited after this experiment. Ever since then I play with distant readings. I did eight years of professional psychic readings with images. I called them channeling or intuitive readings. The truth is, the same way I still don't fully understand how I can talk with my mother in Belgium from Los Angeles on a cordless phone and even see her... I still don't understand how I am capable to do the "psychic" readings. So I am playing with it, figuring out how to present it and how it can be useful to people. I would love to do some more systematic researches in that regard.